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Baylor Football Announces Coaching Staff for 2012-2013

The news I'm sure all of us have been waiting for with baited breath has finally come in from Dino Babers, Baylor's former WR coach and now the head coach at Eastern Illinois, has been replaced on Coach Briles' staff by Jeff Lebby, who previously served on the football operations staff for Baylor as NFL liaison. According to the article, Lebby will work primarily with RBs and TEs, meaning someone else will move to cover Babers' absence with the WRs. My guess is that it will be Kendal Briles, who previously worked only with the inside receivers.

That was only one of the moves reported today and probably not the most important. That would go to Briles naming Phillip Montgomery as Offensive Coordinator, a position he shared with Randy Clement this past season. Clement is now the running game coordinator and OL coach. The aforementioned Kendal Briles is now the passing game coordinator, which is what leads me to believe he'll continue working with the WRs. I expect Montgomery will remain as the primary QB coach along with Briles.

The defensive staff returns intact from last season with Phil Bennett as DC, Brian Norwood as Associate HC and coaching the safeties (...), Jim Gush coaching the LBs, Chris Achuff with the DL, and Carlton Buckels with the CBs. If continuity is what our defense needs most of all after actual playmakers, then we should get 2012 started off on a better foot already!