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Does Joe Lunardi Secretly Love Baylor? - BRACKETOLOGY TALK

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The latest bracketology from ESPN's Joe Lunardi was posted a few hours ago, and I have to say, I think this may be the most favorable draw I can think of for this bracket. For those that don't want to click on the link because you absolutely adore ODB and don't understand creating new tabs in your browser, Lunardi has us as a 2-seed in the West Region (based on Phoenix). That means we'd play our first two games (assuming we won both, obviously) in gorgeous Albuquerque, New Mexico.

"But Mark," I know you're saying, "that means we're not a #1 seed! Lunardi doesn't love us! He hates us! I bet he's an Aggie!" Taking the last part of that first, you're wrong, silly poster. Lunardi graduated from Saint Joseph's University in Pennsylvania. As to the first, I don't think we're a #1 seed in this bracket, anyway, so I want us paired up with the worst possible #1 to give us the best chance to advance. Based on what I've seen, out of Syracuse, Kentucky, Ohio State, and Duke, that's probably Duke. I think we can beat that team despite our decided disadvantages in coaching and coaching attire.

*Seriously, Baylor Athletics. If you read this, I will donate ties for the entire coaching staff so they don't have to buy from resale shops anymore. This madness has got to stop.

The #3 in this bracket (which we would face in the Sweet 16, should we get there) is UNLV. The Rebels are currently ranked 11th in the country and have the 7th best RPI according to That's the only real downside to this bracket, but if I'm looking across all four at their respective #3 seeds, I can't say I would definitely rather have Michigan State, Creighton, or Georgetown over UNLV. Definitely not Michigan State.

Overall, I like this bracket a lot. It doesn't set up as nicely as the 2010 bracket did when we faced Sam Houston, Old Dominion, and St. Mary's en route to the Elite 8, but I like it.