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2.3.2012 Daily Bears Report: Mini Morning News For the Weekend

Strangely enough, there's really not that much out there today. Maybe that will end up being a good thing because I won't bombard you with 200 links, or maybe it won't because you like having a variety. I have no idea.

Let's get started with tomorrow's MBB game against Oklahoma State. Everything I read about this game tells me that we should look past the fact that the last two times these teams played Baylor won by 40 points and realize that this could be brewing into a major trap game. Oklahoma State is playing a lot better now than they were then and is still relatively fresh off a won (at home, mind you) over Kansas Mizzou (my mistake!).

The word "parity" is probably used where it shouldn't be in sports, particularly in the NFL, but one place you really don't have to worry about it being used incorrectly is with NCAA WBB. It's pretty much the same teams every year in the Elite 8 or Final 4 (with a few exceptions), the favorites almost always win, and this year is no exception.

A little recruiting, but only a little (it's from the Statesmen, so try to see past the Austin bias):

Finally we have a few random/miscellaneous links of things I found interesting: