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2.29.2012 Daily Bears Report: All RG3, All The Time

SOON (insert NFL team here). (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
SOON (insert NFL team here). (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Not much going on out there this evening in the world of Baylor athletics. Both of our basketball teams are off until Saturday, the baseball team doesn't play again until Friday, and the softball team has a big tournament this weekend at home that I believe also starts Friday. We've got a day or two here where not much is happening. Call it the calm before the storm that sees MBB and WBB finish their regular seasons and head into their conference tournaments next week. Just a few notes for both of those teams before we get to the biggest issue at hand: RG3.

THE LADIES: Both Brittney Griner and Odyssey Sims were named to the women's midseason Naismith Trophy list. Congratulations, ladies! I should think that if Brittney continues her stellar play and Baylor keeps winning, she will be a lock to bring home Baylor's first ever Naismith Award for either side. That's not to say, of course, that Ms. Sims contributions have gone unnoticed, in case you missed the news last week, she has been named as one of eight nominees for the Lieberman Award given annually to WBB's best point guard. As I said, the Lady Bears take on Iowa State at home on Saturday morning at 11 to round out conference play and go for a perfect 31-0 regular season record.

THE FELLAS: In a move that probably speaks more to inertia and the lack of other candidates, Perry Jones III has survived the latest cut in the men's Naismith Trophy race. Given his disappointing season, he has absolutely no chance to win the award over the likes of Thomas Robinson, Jared Sullinger, and Anthony Davis. My money is on Davis at this point. Just like the women, the men finish their conference slate on Saturday against Iowa State, but they do it in Ames, which is hardly an easy place to play. Because of Big XII tiebreakers, even though Baylor would finish with an identical record to Iowa State in-conference should they lose on Saturday, they will actually receive the fourth seed for the Big XII tournament and face fifth-seeded Kansas State in their first game.

Head below the jump for the main event: all the links I could find about Baylor QB Robert Griffin III. You call it obsessed; I call it dedicated.

Let's get right into the links. Remember, this is an all-RG3 DBR tonight.

Robert Griffin III: Baylor standout and NFL prospect - The Washington Post
Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III is a highly coveted prospect heading into the 2012 NFL draft.

Who might be ‘mystery’ team in Robert Griffin III sweepstakes? – Audibles
Peter King wrote this week that the Rams are "open for business" regarding the No. 2 pick in April’s draft, and he mentioned Cleveland, Washington and Miami as teams likely interested in trading up for a shot at Baylor QB Robert Griffin III.

NFL -- Robert Griffin III is no-brainer for Washington Redskins, others - ESPN
Teams such as the Browns and Redskins should do whatever it takes to land Robert Griffin III, Ashley Fox writes.

Wise vs. Reid: Should the Redskins draft Robert Griffin III? (3:24) - The Washington Post
Washington Post sports columnists Mike Wise and Jason Reid debate whether drafting Robert Griffin III is worth the price the Redskins would have to pay.

Line of Scrimmage: Rams looking like the lucky ones now -
The St. Louis Rams haven't experienced too many enjoyable weekends over the past few years. This past one would qualify as one of them. news: Luck, Griffin III shine at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine
Coming off Cam Newton's monster season, fantasy owners will be absolutely drooling over rookie quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Michael Fabiano projects their value for 2012.

Robert Griffin III has Redskins, fans heading for a relapse - The Washington Post
Washington’s infatuation with Robert Griffin III is the kind of quick-fix thinking that led to current troubles.

Why the St Louis Rams don't want RG3. And which NFL teams do | Cian Fahey | Sport |
NFL: Robert Griffin III is the talk of the NFL as one of two elite quarterbacks set to be chosen in the 2012 college draft - but who will get him?

No decision: Browns must trade up for RG3 - AFC North Blog - ESPN
There's a growing sense that the Cleveland Browns should trade up and draft Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. I'm here to tell you that the Brown

Schrager: Post-NFL Scouting Combine mock draft - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
2. *Washington Redskins: (via trade with St. Louis): Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor: Though St. Louis general manager Les Snead and coach Jeff Fisher would likely prefer to trade this pick outside of the conference, Washington will end up making the most aggressive (and fruitful) play for RG3.

Robert Griffin III Ready To 'Inspire Teams And Motivate A Fan Base' -
Robert Griffin III is poised to be the No. 2 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Mainly, that's because of the numbers he posted at Baylor University, such as is 37 touchdowns and nearly 4,300 passing yards he posted during his senior year. In a conversation with New York's WFAN, he pointed out that it's not just his athletic ability that makes him attractive to NFL teams (via Sports Radio Interviews):

Robert Griffin trade rumors already spinning out of control | ProFootballTalk
Forget the Combine. Forget free agency. Robert Griffin III trade chatter dominates the NFL discussion these days. And it's still February. Perhaps Rams COO Kevin Demoff is right: It's getting less crazy to imagine a deal could be completed before free agency.

Ten Yard Fight: Now With 1,000,000% MORE Robert Griffin III! - Hogs Haven
The Washington Redskins have numerous possibilities at the quarterback position. A walkthrough of a number of them with particular attention paid to the rookies.

With the Fourth Pick in the 2012 Dawgs By Nature Mock Draft, the Cleveland Browns Select... - Dawgs By Nature
With the fourth pick in the 2012 Dawgs By Nature Community Mock Draft, the Cleveland Browns select...Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor.

Robert Griffin III, Stephen Hill Dominate Combine |
Andrew Luck is still the No. 1 prospect in the draft, but Robert Griffin III and Matt Kalil made their case at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 25-26.

2012 NFL Mock Draft -
2012 NFL Mock Draft, Player Prospect Rankings, One of the Largest Mock Draft Databases on the Web, Power Rankings and Much More for the NFL and Other Sports.

That's a lot of links!

One other thing that I wanted to mention is that I'm still looking for a contributor to help me bring more recruiting information to the board. As I've said many times before, the time commitment can be what you want it to be; I'm not looking to overburden anyone or put you in over your head. What I want is someone with an eye for football who is passionate about Baylor recruiting to break down recruits and give information to the readers here that they may not be able to get anywhere else. I can't/won't try to take the place of any of Baylor's fabulous subscription boards. I link to them on the left-hand side of the home page for a reason: theirs is a role we can't fill. What we can do is provide some information like that here about recruits we already have in the fold or may be targeting. Email me at if you are interested. This is something SBNation is pushing hard, so there is always the chance that well-written, informative posts can be pushed to the main SBNation recruiting board.