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Overreaction Central!: Baylor beats Texas Tech 77-48

Well, that was certainly fun now wasn't it. You don't get to many games where you win by 29, and that doesn't feel right. It could have been much much more for the Bears. After a 8-0 to start the game, Texas Tech fought back to get it to 12-9. After that though, the Bears would go on a 35-8 run to get the lead up to 30 points. At one point, this game was 45-15.

The Bears beat the Red Raiders in every possible way. The Bears were plus 12 on rebounds, +3 in forced turnovers, plus 7 in assists, and plus in about every thing else. This was a beating.

A.J. Walton and Perry Jones III had very good games. Walton played amazing, and finally had some shots fall. He made his first 5 shots, including two 3-pointers. For most of the game, AJ was our leading scorer. Jones III finally finished some close shots, and got some jumpers to fall. He was also very aggressive on the boards and controlled the paint.

There is really not a lot to diagnose or analyze from this game. Almost every thing was good. So let's start with the not as good. Quincy Miller's shot just seems off to me for some reason. It looks like he is getting more arc than he did earlier in the year, and it is floating on him. His shot just seems off the past few games, and especially tonight.

Ummmm, outside of that, I guess Fred Ellis struggled a bit, but well, who cares. This was his senior night, and he was forcing the issue a little and trying to do too much. If ever there was a game for this to happen, it would be this game.

This Senior class of Fred Ellis, Quincy Acy and Anthony Jones is the winningest in Baylor history. On the broadcast, they stated something that shocked me. This is the fourth senior class in a row to be the class with the most wins during their tenure. That is amazing, and a true testament of what Scott Drew has done here.

I won't go over the keys or anything like that. I just want to enjoy this win, and appreciate our seniors. All three were big parts of this team over the past 4 years. Quincy Acy is this team's heart, but Fred Ellis might be the soul or the work ethic. He keeps these guys honest. Anthony Jones is a 2 year starter who gave up his spot for the betterment of the team.

Thanks seniors. Thanks for everything you have done for Baylor and for all the joy you have given us.