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Breaking News: Baylor's Robert Griffin III To Grace the Cover of EA's NCAA Football 2013.

I'm taking a little liberty with the phrase "breaking news" since this isn't exactly hot off the presses, but bear with me. The RG3-related news just keeps rolling in this morning as Robert announce personally on the Dan Patrick show that he will be on the cover of EA's NCAA Football 2013. Take that in for a moment: a Baylor QB will be on the cover of a video game played by tens of millions of people across the country. The value this has as publicity for our University and as an aid in recruiting is immeasurable. Congratulations, Robert, and congratulations, Baylor Football!*

*More Robert than BU Football, obviously.

UPDATE: I've added a sneak peak of the PS3 version of the game. (The silhouette next to him will be another player added through fan voting. I'm thinking Kendall Wright would look pretty good there!)

UPDATE #2: There will be a press conference on campus later at 2PM this afternoon where RG3 and EA Sports will formally announce Robert's selection for the cover. I believe that video will be available on, but I'll have to check on that.

UPDATE #3: Here is the official story from, including a small version of my new avatar. Also, if you were afraid of RG3 sharing his spotlight with another player from this year's class, fear not:

Beginning March 12, fans can log on to the EA SPORTS NCAA Football Facebook page to vote for one of eight Heisman Trophy winners to accompany Griffin III on the cover of NCAA Football 13. The candidates include former University of Southern California running back Marcus Allen, former Boston College quarterback Doug Flutie, former The Ohio State University running back Eddie George, former The University of Michigan wide receiver Desmond Howard, former Oklahoma State University running back Barry Sanders, former University of Georgia running back Herschel Walker, former Florida State University quarterback Charlie Ward and former University of Houston quarterback Andre Ware.

I think I'd go with Barry Sanders from that list, but I don't want OSU to look good on the cover. Let's say Flutie.

I also posted another image below the jump where you can see more of FCS in the background.