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Watch the Baylor Football Signing Day Press Conference Live at 2:30 CST

Baylor's National Signing Day press conference will air live on beginning in just a few minutes. If you have the capability to watch and want to hear straight from Briles himself what he thinks about this year's class, you should definitely tune in. I actually won't be able to watch most of it because I'll be back on the road, but if someone does, I would appreciate it if you could fill the rest of us in on what he says.

For those in Waco, I believe the NSD festivities are open to the public in the North Endzone complex at FCS. I know you can go watch the press conference if you want to, and if you do, I believe they will have mock-ups and/or models of the new stadium there. I don't know that for a fact, but this is typically one of the biggest fundraising days for donors as the program builds excitement and it would make sense.

I know that with the relative lack of excitement in the last week or so of recruiting, it may seem that Baylor finished poorly in this class, particularly when compared to schools like Texas or Texas A&M, both of whom reeled in big fish today and in the last few days. All I can say is that I firmly believe this is the best recruiting class to come to Baylor since Chuck Reedy was coaching, and most of Reedy's classes never actually got on campus because of grades. Coaches Briles and Bennett have continued to build momentum and excitement in this program, and we have 20+ recruits that have committed themselves to Baylor Football. They will do all of Baylor Nation proud!