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Baylor Student Bowl Package gives current Bears no excuse to miss Holiday Bowl

The news that Baylor has organized and offered bowl packages to students including travel, lodging, and a ticket to the game for only $100 gives current students no reasonable excuse to miss this game.

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The worries of many that Baylor's mostly Texas-based faithful wouldn't make the trek to southern California for the Holiday Bowl were obviously reciprocated inside the halls of [wherever these kinds of decisions are made nowadays] as Baylor offered an amazing deal a few days ago to current students: $100 for travel, lodging, and a ticket to the Holiday Bowl in sunny San Diego. Considering Waco's typical weather in the last week of December, which is rarely described as picturesque, I think this an offer too good to pass up. Not to go all "back in my day" on you guys, but even just a few years ago, we didn't have this kind of opportunity. A bowl game in San Diego for $100? Yeah, sitting on a bus for 20 hours both ways will kinda suck, but you have all the modern contrivances available to you to pass the time. Oh, and don't forget that there will probably be persons of the opposite sex on this trip. That point cannot be understated.

But to illustrate just how little $100 actually is, here are just a handful of things I found on Amazon that cost more than that and you probably should not buy:

A Motorola LS-750 pager with plan -- $110.50.
240 .85-ounce tubes of Colgate toothpaste -- $139.72.
The "fantasy future comfort chair" -- $103.99.
A bulk lot of 2010 Mark Sanchez photographs -- $297.64.
Bear Grylls Fire Starter - $9,789,998.18
Five .999 Fine Titanium 1-pound bullion bars -- $159.00
Something crazy to do with a mailbox? -- $2,979.90
A hardcover version of "Designer Apartments" by Julio Fajardo -- $9,999.95.

Ok, I don't think that joke was working as well as I hoped, but I didn't put a ton of effort into it. I think you get my point: $100 isn't all that much, and I guarantee you that experience will be something you remember for a long, long time. I understand the desire to spend time with your family around the holidays, believe me, and I'm not suggesting anyone skip out on your traditional celebrations. According to the link, you'll leave Wednesday and be back Saturday. They're putting you up in a hotel on Thursday night and you'll be with Baylor people the entire time (unless you choose not to be for whatever reason). If your parents object, remind them that Baylor is running the whole thing. Simply put, I don't see a downside here in an opportunity to have a great time cheering on our Bears against the UCLA Bruins.