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Texas Tech just "lost" their head coach to Cincinnati

I put "lost" in parenthesis because this may very well be the type of situation where you and a girlfriend actively hate each other but don't want to split up your stuff. It doesn't really bother you that she's looking around because you'd like to dump her off on someone else, anyway.


If I'm Texas Tech, there's only one real call I make now that Sonny Dykes is in California: to A&M for Kliff Kingsbury. He's a Tech alum that runs exactly the style of offense that lured recruits to Lubbock in the first place. Yes, he's quite young, but it's late enough in the coaching carousel game that you're probably not going to pull an established presence. Kingsbury makes all the sense in the world for you whether you see it or not.

Here's a bit from twitter about the announcement:

Press conference today, so it is confirmed from all accounts.

Finally, our friends @GBHunting::