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Daily Bears Report 12.07.2012


It's a Friday without a game tomorrow! It just doesn't feel right...

Well, Terrance Williams was not named the winner of the Biletnikoff Award last night, but he was named a first-team Walter Camp All-American, only the third Baylor player to be named to any of the teams in the Big 12 era. Pictures from the events across the last few days are here. Baylor quarterback Nick Florence was named as a first-team Academic All-American, and is only 174 yards away from breaking RG3's record for passing yards in a single season. And Baylor football coach Art Briles knows that he's loved by Baylor, especially since they're building him a riverfront mansion. And giving him lucrative contract extensions.

In basketball land, Baylor's Isaiah Austin is the 23rd best freshman in the country, according to John Gasaway, though he says that's he's perhaps third as a pro-prospect freshman. Austin's strength right now is as a 2 point shooter and an option beyond Pierre Jackson, but he's not currently living up to his rebound potential.

Finally, This Week in Gifs is live, with...well, I'm not actually sure as every time I try to load the page, it kills my Chrome. So it's a grab bag! Have fun, report back!