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Nick Florence & the Academic Heisman

Nick Florence is in New York, with his chance to win Baylor's 2nd Heisman in as many years, kind of.

Tonight at 7 P.M. Central time, the National Football Foundation kicks off its annual awards dinner. Multiple awards such as the Gold Medal award, and Distinguished American award will be announced. However, there is one award specifically that should interest Baylor football fans.

The William V. Campbell Trophy award winner will be announced tonight, and Baylor's own Nick Florence is one of the 15 finalists. To be eligible for the William V. Campbell Trophy, the player must have a 3.2+ GPA, be in their graduating year or in Graduate school, and be outstanding on the football field. The winner of the award can come from across any level of NCAA football, it isn't simply limited to Division 1 players.

As one of the 15 finalists, Florence has already received $18,000 in postgraduate scholarships, and if he wins the award that number will grow even higher. You can find the finalists here. The list includes Heisman finalist Manti Te'o, USC Quarterback Matt Barkley and Texas Tech Safety Cody Davis.

You can tune into ESPN3 or the Nation Football Foundation's Website (here) and watch the awards dinner that starts at 7 P.M. Tuesday evening. In some circles the award is known as the Academic version of the Heisman, and Nick Florence is as deserving as anyone else in attendance.

Sic 'Em Nick!

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