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RGIIIskins vs. Cowboys Open Thread

I decided on the spur of the moment to do a thread for this since it's such a huge game and so many Baylor fans are watching.

Patrick McDermott

I'm going to be totally honest with you guys: I'm extremely conflicted about this game.

On the one hand, I grew up in Arlington, Texas and watched the Cowboys my entire life. My first Starter jacket? The Cowboys. My favorite players were all Cowboys. The Cowboys have been and probably will be for the foreseeable future my team, no matter what new hell Jerry Jones shepherds the franchise into through terrible roster management and focus more on how the team looks than how it plays.

But on the other side is RGIII. Robert Griffin III. THE Robert Griffin III. The same one that brought us firmly into the Baylor Renaissance, formed a big part of the Year of the Bear, and is the best athlete the Baylor Bears have ever seen in any sport. Yeah, I said it. We can fight about it if you want. It doesn't help that he's on the Washington Redskins, mortal enemies of the Cowboys, but at least they are committed to making him successful and putting him in the best situation possible. If he can't be with us, at least he's with someone that cares, right?

So I'm conflicted because it's the Dallas Cowboys, the team I've grown up to love, against RGIII, the player that I love. The deciding factor, I think, is the potential benefit. If the Cowboys win, they'll probably get boatraced next week and nothing will really change except the already-inflated expectations every Cowboys fan innately possesses for next season. If the Redskins win, it means RGIII took a destitute franchise to the playoffs in his first year. Since Baylor and RGIII are inextricably linked forevermore, good things for RGIII are good things for us. Flimsy justifications are still justifications.

So I think I'm going to root for a good game that the Redskins win. I won't be rooting for the Redskins, per-say, but I hope they win. That doesn't make sense.