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Half of Baylor's Holiday Bowl Allotment Sold

Other fanbases probably scoff at the idea of celebrating selling 6,000 tickets to a bowl game, but for Baylor to get that many tickets sold already for a game in San Diego is quite impressive, indeed. Perhaps my standards are too low.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Viewers/listeners to last week's WBB game heard Baylor Athletic Director Ian McCaw announced that Baylor had already sold over 5,000 of it's 11,000 ticket allotment for next Thursday's Holiday Bowl. That number has now risen to something around 6,000 according to Baylor's latest release, including 700 student tickets. The students, I think, deserve special praise considering the game is A) two days after Christmas, and B) 2,000 miles away. Baylor itself deserves similar praise for engaging those students and making the offer detailed here last week. Despite the proximity of the game to Christmas and family time, there's no way I would have turned down a $100 trip to San Diego for this bowl game.

My guess is that there are even more Baylor fans headed that direction who didn't, for whatever reason, purchase their tickets through the Baylor ticket office and don't count in this number. Some probably wanted better seats through the secondary market than Baylor had available, some may have needed more seats together than they could get through the allotment, etc. No matter what, I'm excited about the fact that the Baylor fanbase has responded so well to this trip since our biggest concern about an out-of-state bowl was how many fans would travel. A good showing here puts us in better position in the future for better games and may help change how people perceive our fanbase as a whole.

Keep buying!