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Daily Bears Report 12.14.2012

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As the holidays grow closer, Baylor athletics news grows sparser.

Baylor Track picked up a commitment from Cion Hicks, a Killeen discus-thrower who had the third-best distance in the country this year. She finished second at the UIL state meet last May, and plans to sign with Baylor during the track signing period in February.

Baylor University and Clemson University worked together on a study of how Twitter use affects student-athletes, focusing on their usage around games and reactions to negative and hurtful comments from followers and mentions. Very interesting stuff, and I'd like to read the full study rather than the article, but I can see how in the next few years scholarships might become contingent on an athlete not having a twitter account.

Gifs! "Whatever you are doing with the ball, stop it." I wrote "strop it" at first because apparently my subconscious is thinking about Pedro Strop and I'm not really sure why that would happen.