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Terrance Williams named to ESPN's All-American team

By this time, I've written numerous posts about Terrance Williams being named to things. You'd think I'd get bored with it after a time and just stop updating about each individual award/team. You'd be wrong.


When he leaves Baylor in just a few short months for whichever lucky team instantly upgrades its receiving corps by drafting him, Terrance Williams (Terrence Williams) will do so not only as the guy whose name I continually have to retype because of SB Nation's system, but also as my second-favorite player in Baylor Football history. #1 is relatively obvious as the greatest player in Baylor history. Before this season, #2 was probably also obvious given how positively I've talked about Terrance Ganaway because of his story, his ultimate success, and how he represented Baylor. Now another Terrance has taken his place.

Williams came to Baylor as a 2* recruit without a single offer from another BCS school. He will leave as the most decorated receiver in school history, owner of the Baylor single-season receiving record, almost certainly a first round draft pick, and the first finalist for the Biletnikoff Award that Baylor has ever had. After today (yesterday by the time you're probably reading this) he's also the Big 12's only representative on ESPN's All-American team. He was already the only Big 12er on the Walter Camp team, but something tells me ESPN's group gets a little more notice in the popular media.

You can view the entire team through a feature on giving statistical information, background, and everything else you might want to know about the players honored. I suggest you look at it. I also suggest you take a moment to tell Terrance how much you appreciate his service to the University on twitter at @TerranceWill2. If you're not on twitter, well I just can't help you escape the 20th Century if you're not even going to try.