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This Day in ODB History: Our Daily Bears Turns 1!

One year ago today, on November 9, 2011, Our Daily Bears went live for the first time.

Sarah Glenn

One year ago today, in the midst of what would become the most amazing year of not only my personal life, but in Baylor Athletics history as well, Our Daily Bears went live for the first time after 3 long months of preparation just before the Bears took the field against Oklahoma for their first win in program history. ODB's launch meant that Baylor was no longer the only BCS school without an SB Nation blog, and Baylor fans finally had a place of their own on the network. Since that day, I've done everything I can to build a community here where Baylor fans can come together, talk about Baylor Athletics, and enjoy all the larger SB Nation network has to offer. It hasn't been the smoothest ride, and this community is and will always be a work in progress, but we've come a long way.

I want to thank all of those who have become regulars here for their participation and contributions to the site; this blog is nothing without the posters, authors, and basically just fans that have made it their home. I hope to continue building just as we have for the past year going forward. So far, we've gone from days where page views measured in the hundreds to weeks in a row in the several thousands. ODB, just like the school it covers, is trending upward across the board.

As always, if you have any suggestions or wish to contribute in your own way, please let me know. I am absolutely committed to making this the best free blog/message board of the Baylor online community, and I will do whatever it takes to realize that goal.

After a year as incredible as Baylor fans experienced in 2011-2012, it would be easy to believe that everything would be downhill from there. It isn't. With a new on-campus football stadium on the way, men's and women's basketball teams kicking off their regular seasons today with expectations as high as they've ever been, and basically every athletic program having experienced tremendous recent success, we are as well-positioned now as we've ever been. Enjoy it, Baylor fans, because we are truly living in the Golden Age of Baylor Athletics. And whatever ODB can do to contribute to that Age, we will do.

Once again, from and to everyone here at ODB, thank you for the past year!