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Daily Bears Report 11.07.2012


Not much sports news out there right now, probably because everyone is opining about whatever this morning.

Bob Stoops lies through his teeth this morning and claims that Baylor's defense "still does a good job," and says a lot more things about Baylor, including some things about the offense that are actually true. The prediction for this game is Oklahoma 52-Baylor 24, despite Oklahoma's unusual struggles at home this season. In recruiting news, Gus Penning, tight-end from Grand Rapids Community College and Riverside City College and 2013 Baylor commit, is having a good year with the 9-1 Riverside team, having caught 28 passes for 434 yards and three touchdowns. Penning hopes to be in Waco this spring to start preparing for the season with the team and take advantage of Baylor's excellent weight-training program.

Kansas blog "Through the Phog" looks at the Big 12 basketball teams and says that even though Baylor is in what could be considered a "rebuilding" phase, they pose the biggest challenge to the Jayhawks for the Big 12 crown, with WVU as the possible wild card team. previews the Bears in-depth, and says that great years from Pierre Jackson and Brady Heslip, as well as the talented freshmen living up to their talent, could lead to Baylor knocking the Jayhawks from the Big 12 pedestal. CBS Sports also has a Big 12 preview, and has Baylor picked as 2nd in the conference.

I feel like I'm missing a lot of stuff, so link it in the comments or on Twitter and I'll update this post.