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Daily Bears Report 12.29.2012


It's Christmas! Well, Christmas on 5th. I'm still not sure why they do it on a Thursday, to be quite honest.

It's Senior Day this weekend, and the class of 2013 will be running the Line one last time before the game against Oklahoma State on Saturday. (Personally, I'm debating doing this. I've never actually run the Line, because I was in band.) Nick Florence hopes to have a great Senior Day against the Cowboys and one gets the feeling that Art Briles will be just a little bit sad, even if the Bears win. If the Bears win, it will be in part because of an O-line that has finally coalesced into something not just workable, but good. A victory would also probably have a fairly large contribution from Lache Seastrunk in it, who's proven to the whole world in the last few weeks that he is everything people expected, and more. Hopefully the Bears will be able to prove most predictions wrong, and finish the second-to-last season in Floyd Casey with a win.

The Baylor Men's Basketball team plays in Kentucky this Saturday at 11:30 AM, broadcast on CBS, which is no use to anyone actually in Waco. However, those of you not going to the game should get your picture-in-picture or split-screens ready to see the Bears take on the Wildcats.

Finally, enjoy a little Straight No Chaser. It's officially close enough to Christmas for me to start linking Christmas songs, and this one's a little on the quirky side.