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Baylor Line Report

We're going bowling...again!


I had a feeling going into the game against Texas Tech that it would be close, but I didn't expect overtime close. Nonetheless though, Baylor was able to go back down I-35 with a win against the Red Raiders. Just a few short weeks ago this team appeared dead to many, and many had already decided that coaching changes had to be made in order for this team to have any hope in the future. Now it is a team that shocked the world by beating number one then became bowl eligible the following week. Terrance Williams (Terrence Williams) had a tweet earlier in the week saying that he loves the fact that Baylor doesn't get much attention, nothing is given to them so they have to go out there and take what is theirs. The ability to go to a bowl game was right in front of them this past week, and Williams and the Bears went out there and took it.

A few notes revolving the game at Jerry World...

I wasn't at the game last year, but for a game that was supposed to be on a neutral site, it seemed very pro Texas Tech. The announcer did everything to help Tech, noises played while Baylor was on offense, and even between plays when the camera pans around the stadium all it ever showed was Texas Tech fans. Now, again, I don't know if it was the opposite of this last year when Baylor was the home team, but it irked me a bit that a neutral site game was so pro one side.

It was nice to see Robert Griffin III in attendance at the game. I'm sure the players also enjoyed his presence on the sideline as they battled back to take the win against the Red Raiders. Griffin was able to win a game against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving in that stadium and then watch his alma matter win just a few days later. It must have been a humbling experience for an individual who is already very humble as is. Of the the three games Griffin has played at Jerry World he has only been on the field to finish one. In the other two he watched from the sidelines as Nick Florence put on a show to lead the Baylor Bears to victory. It must have been a great feeling for Florence to go 2-0 in that stadium. (As a side note, Florence's high school-South Garland, lost to my high school-Plano West, just a day before the Baylor game and now my high school will be heading down to Waco ISD Stadium to play Luffkin on Saturday)

Campus Life!

I don't think I've really talked about campus life much in these posts recently. Which I guess isn't great, because all of my posts are supposed to revolve around that...oops. Anyways though, Baylor spirits were on a new high after defeating Kansas State and are still in good spirits after becoming bowl eligible for the third straight year. Spirits can only be so high for students this time of year though. I've never experienced it, but I imagine it will be a lot of highs and lows. The high of winning a football game, the low of having tests and papers due two days later. The high of Christmas on 5th Street (which is tomorrow, something I'll be experiencing for the first time) followed by the low of realizing finals are the next week. Next would be the high of realizing we have a couple days off from class next week, immediately followed by the low of realizing those days off need to be spent cramming a semester's worth of information for finals. All of this though leads up to the end of my first semester here at Baylor University and will lead into a Baylor bowl game. Wherever and whenever that may be. It's been an up and down semester here for my first ever college experience. Most of that up and down revolving around the Baylor football program. Oh, and grades I guess too. All in all it's been fun though. Writing for this blog has been a lot of fun for me so far, and once football season comes to a close I'll start writing about my first sports love. Basketball.

Saturday will be the last home game for the Bears, so it will be the last time I get to run in the Baylor Line. It's been a lot of fun being able to do that every home game, and I hope the numbers haven't dropped too much since we crushed SMU a few short months ago. If I'm correct, I believe the seniors get one last chance to run in the line this game, so that will be fun. For the time being though, I'm looking forward to running down the field one last time as a freshman and greeting the players onto the field. If tradition holds true, it will be the last time I get to run on the field in Floyd Casey Stadium, since the next opportunity I get to run will be when I'm a senior at the new Baylor Stadium. Hopefully between now and then we will all witness Baylor football take positive strides. In what most would call a rebuilding year for the Bears, we beat the number one team in the nation and played most everyone very tough. Between now and my senior year I hope to see the Bears in four bowl games, Terrance Williams win the Biletnikoff Award, and watch recruits and players my age grow in front of my eyes into leaders of the Baylor Bears. There's a lot to look forward to in the Baylor athletics program. A lot of changes are going to take place in the next four years athletically. I'm excited for all of them, and can't wait to see this school and program grow as I grow with it. Sic'em!