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Big 12 Realignment Links You Should Read-- UPDATED --

In this thread, I'll collect pertinent Realignment information about the Big 12 and potential expansion targets.


With Realignment rumors swirling, I thought it might be useful to collect stories of interest in one thread rather than just post fanshot after fanshot or link after link. Authors, if you see something worthwhile, feel free to update the thread with the link. Just make sure to date it like I've done below so everyone knows how current the information is. Everybody else, do the same in the comments below so we can keep abreast of the situation.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012--

Dennis Dodd takes a look at why the Big 12 seems so happy with 10 while others around it are moving toward bigger conferences with larger geographical footprints. It's a decent read if only to answer the obvious question.

This link is from September 7, 2012, but I think it's worth nothing again in the context with so many asking questions about the Big 12's Grant of Rights and wondering if we might get plundered for schools.

I have a link up on the main page to this story stream, but given how quickly it may be replaced with pertinent information about our Bears, here is SB Nation's coverage of Louisville's move to the ACC. I'm extremely happy for the Louisville fans that I know because I genuinely believe they deserve to be in a major conference with their football and basketball programs, and I'm glad they found a spot.

Wescott Eberts of BON asks whether we're falling behind other conferences by standing pat, mostly using the Dodd article linked above for reference. Interesting food for thought.

Thursday, December 13, 2012--

Nothing happened for a long time until it did again starting yesterday. With the news that the Big East is probably on the ropes, people everywhere are wondering where the remaining schools of value in football might end up, since it looks like the basketball members are going to go their own way. A few articles:

Sources: Big East expected to split -
The Big East's seven non-football-playing members have decided to separate from the league's football-playing members and will announce the decision soon barring an unexpected change of plans, multiple sources within the conference told on Thursday.

Atlantic 10 open to adding Big East basketball schools, creating 21-team conference -- source - ESPN
The Atlantic 10 has discussed the possibility of a 21-team basketball league in the event that the changing conference landscape makes high-profile Big East schools available, a source with direct knowledge of the situation told Tuesday.

Seven schools reportedly are leaning toward leaving the Big East. Is that the right move or not? | The Dagger: College Basketball Blog - Yahoo! Sports
From the blog The Dagger: College Basketball Blog: Frustrated the Big East has irreparably damaged its basketball brand with recent additions geared toward saving its football future, the presidents of the league's seven non-high level football schools met Wednesday to discuss their options.

Big East basketball-only schools close to leaving conference, reports say

Seven Catholic schools leaning toward leaving Big East, sources say - ESPN New York
The presidents of the Big East's seven Catholic, non-Football Bowl Subdivision schools are expected to decide on their future in the Big East in the coming days, and it would be an upset if they remained in the league, sources told ESPN.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Like I said, I'll add more as the need arises. Let me know if you find anything!