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Week 6 College Football Primer

SB Nation is here to fulfill all of your college football needs again this week! Even though Baylor doesn't play, there's still more than enough action to slake your thirst.

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First up, Jason Kirk has a list of the entire CFB schedule tomorrow so you can start planning your lazy Saturday now rather than be surprised in the morning. The game you definitely don't want to miss starts at 3:30 on FSN as TCU takes on Iowa State. Andy Hutchins wants to help you for the rest of the day with a handy viewing guide that prioritizes your viewing options. He breaks things thusly:

Your guide to the guide: First Choice means this is a must-see game in that block; Last Button Option means you should have that "last" or "return" button on your remote ready to flick back during commercials; Know The (Channel) Numbers runs down games you'll want to find when Twitter tells you something nutty happened; Cover The Spread is a suggestion for how to feed yourself. All times listed are Eastern.

In case you missed the action last night, the mothership has an entire hub dedicated to the USC-Utah game in which USC stormed back after falling down early. Because of course they did.

The big game this weekend in the Big XII is undoubtedly WVU at Texas, and Bill C is here to tell you how the Longhorns stop the vaunted Mountaineer O. That game also has its own hub for collected stories from across the network.

Here's the latest about the Casey Pachall DWI arrest/suspension. I will say this: if Pachall plays again any time soon, it will be because the only thing less substantial than Art Briles' Arkansas roots will be Gary Patterson's integrity. As I said above, the Horned Frogs take on Iowa State tomorrow before we turn our attention that way for next week's game.

I'll update this post throughout the day with more CFB-related stories from SB Nation, so check back!