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Baylor Line Report

Parent's weekend has a not so happy ending and everyone receives blame except our go-to receiver.

Layne Murdoch - Getty Images

I’ve seen some videos of the Baylor Line and for the most part it looked pretty big. In my opinion, it wasn’t as big nor as rowdy as the first game, but I don’t think we’ll approach that level of craziness any time soon. In part because of the destruction the first Baylor Line left in its wake. Before the game, all the students who want to run in the line are forced to wait behind a gate, well, the first game all of the students were so amped up to get on the field that gate shaking ensued along with endless chanting and jabs at the Mustangs. What I didn’t know at the time is that during all of those pre-game antics, we managed to break the gate and now it doesn’t close properly. I think this is awesome. Maintenance and the Chamber may not agree with me, but you tell me the last time students were that excited for a Baylor football season.

That being said, the crowd was pretty solid for the first three quarters, but once TCU started pulling away in the 4th quarter the size dwindled down to maybe 50 students standing, waiting for the clock to hit all zeros. I had to stay until to the end of the game, because, as any true fan, I stick it out no matter what the outcome. As you can expect the mood around campus is somber. Personally, I didn’t even want to talk about the game until only fairly recently. Discussions I was in/overheard though included how bad the defense played, how bad the offense played, and even how the baton girls had a rough night facing the visitor’s section. It was just not a good night to cap off parent’s weekend here at Baylor.

It’s gut check time for everyone on campus. It’s time to for the players to decide if they want to be the Baylor of old or the Baylor of new. Likewise, I’ll be interested to see how many students show up to run in the line at the next game. From what I hear, everyone loves running the line. I’m shocked though when I emerge from the fog of welcoming the players onto the field and find 80% of the students in the stands already. That makes no sense. First off, it’s an awesome experience welcoming the players onto the field, and secondly, if you go up in the stands first you have to sit near the top! It makes not sense to me. It’ll be interesting to see how everyone responds. I hope that a large amount of students keep showing up. The mood is down now, but these next two games I think are really going to decide weather or not this freshman class is going to continue to have great Baylor Line support, or end up like every other line in recent history and have its numbers drop exponentially as the season goes on. Personally, I think students will keep showing up to run the line, because everyone loves the rush of running onto the field. Sure, you have to dodge people falling all around you, but its so much more fun that way.

I’m not mad…I’m just upset. That is the best way I can describe my feelings toward the Baylor-TCU game on Saturday. That game was important on so many levels. I agree with Mark that on the recruiting side it certainly doesn’t help us, but it is also a major step back for the amount of respect given to the Bears. Before last week, I could make a very solid argument that Baylor should not only be ranked in the top 25, but be in the teens. All of this is out the window now. On a week where Texas Tech blew out West Virginia in stunning fashion and Oklahoma made Texas look like their practice squad, the Bears came out seemingly just not wanting the game as much as TCU.

The only player I’m giving a pass on for this game is the man responsible for hauling in the big pass plays of the game for our offense, Terrance Williams. (Terrence Williams) Williams is unquestionably our number one offensive playmaker. What worries me, though, is that a team with so many offensive weapons can be shut down and play as bad as they did this past Saturday. I’ve come to expect that nothing good will happen when our defense is on the field, and it’s a pleasant surprise to me whenever something positive happens. I’m somewhat OK with this, because our offense plays at such a high level that it manages to balance the awfulness that is our defense. The thing about the offense though, is that the quarterback has to be super efficient for it to work. Four interceptions is not super efficient. Ultimately, I’ll chalk it up as a bad game for Nick Florence, and I hope this does not start a trend, the thing is though, and he can’t have a bad game. Baylor plays 12 games a year (I’m hoping 13) and that means that for that many games they have to bring everything they have to go out and prove something. All Baylor proved was that they weren’t ready for a big game. It doesn’t get any bigger than next Saturday though when the Bears take on the Longhorns on Texas’ parent’s weekend. TCU spoiled our parent’s weekend, so its only right that Baylor marches down I-35 to Austin and ruins theirs. For everyone saying that Baylor won’t win another game, I think you’re so wrong. This team proved to me against West Virginia that they are not a team that gives up. I refuse to believe they mail in the rest of the season. The offense will respond and for the love of God I hope we find some resemblance of a defense between now and Saturday.