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Daily Bears Report 10.12.2012

Sarah Glenn - Getty Images

Baylor Football takes on the TCU Horned Frogs tomorrow in the continuation of the rivalry that I still don't know the name of and receiver Terrance Williams looks to repeat his record-breaking performance from two weeks ago. Williams was a member of the Bears' scout team four years ago and across that time has moved from embodying the Big 12's top receivers to being a member of that elite club. Williams will probably be catching a lot of passes this weekend against a TCU defense that has not looked like the famed Frog defenses of old this season, and now has to contain a Baylor team that scored 63 points in a loss. Did you know that we are closer to Baylor Stadium's opening than we are to Baylor's last home loss? Hat tip to @BaylorBearmada-the new stadium opens in 688 days. Baylor's last loss at home was 693 days ago.

Baylor Basketball's Moonlight Madness is tonight and you can watch live even if you're not in Waco (or even if you're holed up in your apartment in Waco studying). The Big 12 men's basketball coaches poll was published yesterday and the Bears were picked to finished second, after unanimous first place Kansas. That just speaks to the level of talent that this 2012-2013 Baylor team has.

20th ranked Baylor Soccer plays their next two matches on the road at WVU and at OSU against two of the top teams in the Big 12. (25) WVU (9-3-3, 5-0) plays in a very similar style to Baylor, and this could be yet another double-overtime match for the Bears. OSU (10-4-1, 1-3-1) is the defending league champion, though their record in the Big 12 is not quite as stellar as last season.

Baylor Volleyball travels to Oklahoma this weekend to play the Sooners in Norman, Oklahoma. The Bears are coming off their first conference win, verses Texas Tech on Wednesday and look to improve their record from 14-6 (1-4) against the 14-6 (3-2) Sooners, who lost 3-2 to (21) Kansas Wednesday.

Much thanks to PBPope for reminding me that I forgot to link you to the "This Week in Gifs!" Today's selections include a field stormer! Dancing Ichiro! A reminder of how creepy K-State's mascot is! And much more!