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Baylor Line Report

The crowd at the Baylor vs. TCU game is going to be one of the best crowds in recent Baylor history at Floyd Casey Stadium.

Rob Christy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

If you get nothing else from this piece, get this; the crowd at the Baylor vs. TCU game is going to be one of the best crowds in recent Baylor history at Floyd Casey Stadium. Maybe the bye week has revitalized the students around here and have them thirsting for some football, or people share my dislike towards the Horned Frogs, (No disrespect towards TCU, I just don’t like them and they're this week's opponnent) but there has been a lot of buzz around campus about Saturday’s game. Parent’s weekend plays a big role in this, but I’ve noticed that some students who haven’t gotten their tickets yet are even worried about the game selling out and their parents being able to go to the game and not them. To which I say, hey, you should probably get a ticket then, but that’s neither here nor there. While students are still able to receive tickets, no guest student tickets are being sold in the SUB (Student Union Building for you non-Bears) anymore. I don’t know if that happens often, but it hasn’t happened yet this year. Also, to support my claim in the first sentence of this piece about this crowd being one of the best in recent history, just think. I’m pretty sure more parents come down to watch a game when their student is a freshman more than any other year, and this is the biggest freshman class in school history. Add those two together, and it should make for a very, very good atmosphere.

What’s cool about the feeling around campus here is that people aren’t just excited for the TCU game on Saturday, but for Texas and Oklahoma in the coming weeks. So much so, that those two games are now also sold out. I’m new here and everything, but I don’t think it’s a common occurrence that Texas and Oklahoma sell out against Baylor year in and year out. For better or for worse it means that teams are starting to take Baylor seriously. They don’t look at the Bears as a doormat anymore, but as a team you have to bring you’re A-game against or else you’re going to get beat. This is something I’ve been waiting for ever since I became a Baylor fan. (Roughly ten years ago when my brother was a freshman here) My hope now is that with teams taking Baylor more seriously, maybe pollsters and bowl reps will take the Bears more serious too. I think everyone involved with Baylor knows that this respect won’t just be given to us; it is something we have to earn. Coach Briles and his guys are doing a great job in doing so too. With every passing game there seems to be a few more people talking about Baylor, or mentioning Baylor in a major college poll. This isn’t something that just happens. I watched football games here 8-10 years ago, if you would have told me Baylor would have a Heisman Trophy winner and a 10 win season before I even got to college, I probably would have looked at you funny.

Nevertheless though, Baylor has fought from where they were to earn any type of respect thrown their way. They may not have beaten West Virginia, but hey, neither did Texas, and no one else might until late December or early January. This is a team who, under Art Briles, does not give up, has the talent and skill to stay in any game, and the will to win a close game. Which is a fine combination if I do say so myself. For whatever reason I even still have a slim bit of optimism for the defense. They don’t need to be Alabama; they just need to force a turnover or two in order for the offense to have some extra possessions. If nothing else, I think they can do that. Man, I can’t wait for the TCU game. Should be a good one for everyone in attendance to see.