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Saturday Night Bo Wallace Update: A Wild Ole Miss Rebel Appears!

By this point I am far past simply a heightened level of attention to the Bo Wallace recruitment and into the "you care so much that it is awkward." Still, I'm beyond the point of no return and I have people direct messaging and tweeting me for updates, so I might as well provide whatever information I can.

If you read the last two updates, you already know the big news from last night-- that Wallace decided not to visit Texas-- and this morning-- that he did visit Baylor and was on campus today. As far as Wallace's current whereabouts, I have no concrete information to report. Using context clues I'll explain more in detail in a moment, I don't believe he is still in Waco anymore.

Before I do anything else, I need to correct a piece of information I gave you earlier in the week that became important today. In my first update about Wallace's potential visit to Texas, I stated that Wallace already held an offer from Ole Miss from his official visit there in December. That was apparently not true because he was actually offered today. Couple that information with the fact that he didn't actually get a UT offer (possibly because Case McCoy has decided to stay at Texas), and Wallace has standing offers (that we know of right now) from Indiana, Baylor, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State. I've seen it reported that he also now holds an offer from Nebraska, but I haven't seen that confirmed. We'll go with the four from now.

The fact that he was supposedly offered today by Ole Miss is one of the reasons I don't think he is in Waco. To my knowledge, it would be highly irregular for Wallace to be contacted by another school while actually on an official visit. I don't know if it is against the rules per se or if this is one of those unwritten things that you just don't do in recruiting. Anyone with better information on that point, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

The other reason I don't think he is in Waco is that he supposedly texted one of the reporters for the Louisiana-Lafayette Scout site tonight (why ULaLa I have no idea, just like I know nothing of this reporter's credibility) to say that he is down to Ole Miss, Baylor, and Mississippi State. He went on to say that he will make his decision by Wednesday. To date, Wallace has taken 4 official visits (Ole Miss, Indiana, Baylor, and Mississippi State), and if he sticks to the Wednesday schedule that means he'll probably leave the fifth on the table.

The fact that Ole Miss has reentered the picture today does not look good for Baylor. I firmly believe that proximity plays a bigger role in these situations than most people tend to believe, and it has been reported before that it is Wallace's preference to remain in SEC country and play in Mississippi. He can now do that at two different schools. If I were a betting man, and I absolutely am, offered odds on where Wallace was going to commit, I would take still take Mississippi State and take them hard. Until we get more information about his visit to Baylor this weekend we just won't know whether Baylor did enough to overcome MSU's status as favorite going into his visits this week. His coach seems to want him there, he can play in the SEC, and he doesn't have to leave his adopted state home.

As always, if I get more information about it, I'll be sure to share.

UPDATE: The Mississippi State 247Sports site confirmed the information from the ULaLa Scout reporter. Wallace will decide on Wednesday between Baylor, MSU, and Ole Miss.