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Saturday Morning Flash- Bo Wallace and Possible Commitments Today

This is just a short update this morning (that's why I called it a flash); look for the full DBR later today. If you have a better name for short things like this than "flash," please let me know.

Two things I wanted to tell everyone about this morning.

  • At least one Baylor site has confirmed that Bo Wallace IS in Waco right now for his official visit. He supposedly arrived yesterday afternoon and will stay at Baylor through today rather than take his visit to Texas as originally planned. There are so many moving parts here that we can't possibly be sure what is actually happening. If this news is true, however, it probably means this is a Mississippi State - Baylor contest to the end with Baylor holding the last visit.
  • As for why he didn't take the visit to Texas, I can only speculate as to what actually happened. Texas sites now claim that he never actually had an offer from Texas despite all of the reports to the contrary. That claim is most likely simultaneously true and false. Mack Brown does not give formal offers to recruits that have not visited Texas; he prefers to make offers face-to-face during the visit itself. There is no functional difference, however, between a prospect actually holding an offer in his hand and being assured that when he actually does visit, he will definitely get one. What I mean is that if Bo Wallace was told "come to Texas, we will absolutely offer you when you get here," it is reasonable to interpret that kind of statement as both "you have an offer (waiting)" AND "you don't have an offer (yet)." Doing things this way gives you cover in the chance they don't visit (like in Bo's case) to say "that recruit never had an offer from Texas!" when in reality, the offer was just a formality lacking true significance. For Bo's part, (pure speculation, again) his visit to Texas could have been contingent on being assured of an offer. Sometime during the day yesterday, for one reason or another, the offer he was told was a sure thing suddenly became less so. Whether that means Harsin (Texas's OC and Wallace's lead recruiter to Texas) was told to pull back or there was some kind of disagreement within the Texas coaching ranks, we might not ever know.
  • The other piece of information concerns the US Army All-American game being played today at noon on NBC. 14 players are scheduled to announce commitments at the game, one of which is a recruit Baylor has supposedly led with for several months. I'm not going to say who, but his name rhymes with Ryan Brance. I'll have a watching thread up at noon for that and the Baylor basketball game that starts at 12:45, so look for that.