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1.30.2012 Daily Bears Report, Late Night Edition

I'm traveling for work this week, and I'm fairly certain there are cave complexes in Afghanistan with faster internet than the hotel in which I am staying (#firstworldproblems), so this is going to be relatively light on news links. It takes a lot to clip all of those things together, ok? I promise to get something up early tomorrow with so many news links it will make your head explode from the linkaliciousness.

SURPRISE. I posted a ton of links anyway because I'm a link addict. We'll go with the ladies first and then the men. Just like you should have done, Captain Schettino.

A little recruiting news:

And a stray FB link:

Head below the jump for a little recruiting info...

Now that the links are out of the way, I want to look at something. You guys can come along for the ride. A few minutes ago, I watched a video interview on Baylor's Scout site (BearsIllustrated, you should check it out if you haven't already) with former Baylor DB commit Zack Sanchez. Without giving too much away, one of the things Sanchez said played into his decision to switch was the depth charts of the respective schools and the size of each school's current DB class. After saying "WHAAAAAAAAAAA," I decided to see how our class breaks down by position.

QB: 2 (Russell, Singleton)
RB: 1 (Chafin)
WR: 4 (Hawthorne, Coleman, Linwood, Griffin)
OT: 2 (Fuller, Armstead)
TE: 0 (so far... *wink*)
DT: 2 (Searcy, Ezell)
DE: 3 (Magee, Palmer, Banks)
LB: 3 (Lackey, Nance, Ehrlich)
CB: 3 (Reid, Burt, Levels)
S: 2 (Edwards, Stewart)

That's 9 offensive commits and 13 defensive commits for 22 overall. Think Phil Bennett knows he has work to do?

A few thoughts:

  • I'm guessing that Terrance Singleton doesn't play QB for Baylor, but others will tell you that he has been promised a chance. He could go a bunch of different places on this list, from QB to WR (IR) to CB to S. Maybe even RB if he could bulk up.
  • Rashodrick Linwood is listed as an athlete. I've heard different things about where he's been told he'll play. Most I've heard that he will get a shot at IR, but I could see a little RB action or a move to CB.
  • I wish we could have gotten another RB in this class. I guess if I want to make myself feel better I could count Seastrunk as a part of this class as if he was a JUCO coming in with 3 years to play 3. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see us hit that hard in 2013 along with QB (which we already have with Chris Johnson, future BAMF).
  • In what is by now a trend in this class, I could also see Kiante Griffin moving across the ball. Kiante is actually one of my favorite recruits in this class; he goes 6'0, 200 lbs and supposedly runs a 4.45. Sounds like an amazing safety in the making.
  • Polo would have been a great bookend to Magee as 4* DEs... I have to stop talking about him. He's not coming here. TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE... OH. Word is that our mystery recruit that may or may not be grayshirting could fit somewhere in the LB list. I think. And we may be taking another WR. Maybe.
  • I'm somewhat surprised we only have 2 OL on this list given Briles's past recruiting priorities. We should have 3, but Cameron Bailey will not be signing with Baylor on Wednesday for reasons I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say.

What do you think? What position do you wish we would have hit a little harder?