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1/3 Daily Bears Report: OSU Celebrates Fiesta Bowl With Perfect Class Move

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Pretty thin morning on the Baylor front, the only Baylor action last night was the start to conference play in men's basketball, which Baylor won 61-52 in Waco over Texas A&M. Here are a few links to stories talking about that game and what it means for Baylor, which is now 14-0 on the season for the first time in school history.

The larger story in the Big XII last night was Oklahoma State winning its first BCS bowl ever over Stanford in the Fiesta, giving them wins this season over Stanford, Kansas State, Baylor, Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas A&M. You may disagree, but I don't think Alabama has a schedule that can compete with that. OSU has as good a case as any in the last few years for a split title, and they are probably the team that will finally lead to a +1 system in college football. We can only hope, I guess.

Beyond the game, though, I want to touch on what Coach Gundy of OSU did after the game that was one of the classiest moves I've ever seen. He first dedicated the Cowboys' victory to the four people that perished in the plane crash the day of OSU's Iowa State game, a crash that obviously deeply affected the OSU community, before bringing the OSU coach's wife, Shelley Budke, to the forefront to give her the trophy on the presentation dais itself. Whatever your thoughts on Gundy, that was a total class move. Bravo, Coach Gundy. You didn't have to do that.

The only remaining game on the 2011 slate for the Big XII is the Cotton Bowl between Kansas State and Arkansas, a game I am definitely looking forward to watching later this week. Through the Fiesta last night, the Big XII is now 6-1 in its bowl games and 33-4 in nonconference games this season as a whole. That's fairly impressive given the conference's OOC slate.

Finally, for a little bit of Baylor-centric football news:

About the Senior Bowl, I'm not at all surprised that Blake and Ganaway will play to try to boost their draft stock, particularly Ganaway, but Wright caught me off guard a little bit. The only thing I can think of is that he knows his measurables (particularly his size) at the Combine might detract from his on-the-field performance, so he wants to get another chance to showcase his skills in a game environment. I'm excited that Ganaway got an invite, and I think he could be drafted in the later rounds, maybe 5-6? What do you guys think?