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1.23.2012 Daily Bears Report: MBB's Week to Forget, Recruiting, and More...

So I didn't end up putting a DBR yesterday at all when things were said and done. I had the clippings clipped and I fully intended to do it, but I just ... forgot? I don't think forgot is the right word because I just never really thought about it again. Maybe that means forgot is exactly the right word, actually. Whatever.

Last week was a pretty tough one for Baylor's MBB team, which dropped both of its ballyhooed games against our chief 2012 Big XII rivals. The first game was easy to predict; we don't win in Kansas. I'm not that disappointed by it even though we got blown out and getting blown out sucks. The second was much more difficult to predict and accept because it was a game we should have won. Call it the Kansas State of our basketball season. Anyway, now I'm depressed, so I'm going to just drop a bunch of links on you and YOU CAN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

Actually, you can and I encourage you to do so. Let's start with MBB (some of these links may be a day old because of the lack of a DBR yesterday):

And now on to WBB, the lone bright spot in the Baylor athletic sky last week (other than recruiting, which I'll get to later) after the jump...

And now miscellaneous football news: