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1/2 Daily Bears Report: A Whole New Year!

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Welcome back to ODB for the first Daily Bears Report of 2012! Because of a relatively busy schedule yesterday afternoon and my son's nurse calling in sick, I was unable to put up my normal post of links. Hopefully you guys weren't inconvenienced by it too much. Looking at the feeds, though, it doesn't seem like we actually missed all that much worthwhile news.*

*I'm not going to talk about the Cowboys or the Mavericks because both are dead to me right now, particularly the Cowboys. I'm seriously considering renouncing my fandom for whichever team drafts RG3 unless it is the Redskins. Because screw the Redskins.

A few interesting things happened this weekend that are worth taking a look at, though.

Moving to today's news, stories abound this morning that would probably be of interest to Baylor fans, led (arguably) by the fact that our first men's conference basketball game is tonight against Texas A&M in Waco. Texas A&M is having a rough time of late, and KenPom has them as the 90th-best team in the country while Baylor is 12th. A few links about Baylor and Big XII MBB:
Another topic of interest is the continuation of the Big XII's bowl schedule with the Fiesta Bowl tonight between OSU and Stanford. The Fiesta is the Big XII's sole BCS bowl this year (because the Sugar decided to abandon all reason and employ an indefensible selection strategy by taking Virginia Tech), and a matchup between the #3 and #4 teams in the country will be important to the conference's standing relative to its peers. Oklahoma State obviously wants to play well to validate its claims that it should have been in the NCG, since a win over Stanford and Andrew Luck would arguably be a better victory than any on Alabama's schedule. Hopefully OSU hasn't been distracted by what they feel should have been.