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1.18.2012 Daily Bears Report, Late Night Edition: The Biggest DBR Ever.

If you were upset all day because I hadn't posted the DBR yet, I'm truly sorry. With the Darvish news breaking for the Rangers (did you know I'm a huge Rangers fan? I am.) and everything else on my plate, things just got past me. In return for my intransigence, I am going to give you the biggest DBR ever.

First let's talk about the women since they are playing as we speak against Texas Tech. SBNation doesn't have widgets for their games, so I can't give you a box score, but I can tell you that as of this moment, they are leading #17 Texas Tech 60-52 with 8:10 to go in the second half in Lubbock. That's a game I'm sure our girls circled on the schedule since Tech so unceremoniously dumped them last year in the same locale.

UPDATE: It took me long enough to do this that the Lady Bears won 72-64. Congratulations, ladies!

Because I'm going to be using up so many good links tonight, tomorrow's DBR will be somewhat light on them. I will remedy that by giving you my thoughts (because I'm sure you want to hear/read them) on an issue making the rounds in Baylor circles these days: how big should our new stadium be. Surprisingly (to me, at least) this issue has become quite heated on Baylor message boards and the like since it has leaked that Baylor's new stadium will probably start out with something around 42,000 seats plus standing room and however many suites they build. The overall number our AD apparently floated was around 45,000 expandable later if the need arises. Without going into too much detail, let me say that I think this number is just about perfect, regardless of the fact that it does not represent an increase over Floyd Casey. Size is not the reason we're leaving FCS. Location and the fact that it is now 60 years old are. Check back tomorrow morning for more.

Another thing I hope to have more information about in the morning is where a certain recruit I'll talk about more is going to take his final visit next week. Look at the links below the jump to find out who I'm talking about. I'll also go into a little more detail on where we stand for QB recruiting at this moment with our biggest recruiting weekend of the year coming up on Saturday. Most of our recruits and a few coveted targets are supposed to be there to let Art Briles work his country magic.

Finally, before I get to the links, I want to welcome a new contributor to Our Daily Bears, omgball, who posted her first front page article today. I hope everyone welcomes her to the board and I look forward to her contributions about Baylor basketball. I know she will do outstanding work for ODB and its members. For those that don't know, I've been looking for more contributors for a little while now as part of my quest the best community of Baylor fans on the web. If you feel like you have something to offer in terms of writing, please email me at and we'll talk about it. I'm especially looking for someone with an interest in recruiting and/or an eye for football going forward. Someone who cares as much about Baylor recruiting as I do.

Let's get to the links below the jump:

First up we have the women's game which, as I said, is going on right now. A few links on that:

Next we have the men's team, which has to overcome their first loss of the season and the end of the Baylor Streak.

And now a little bit about recruiting. Probably the biggest realistic fish left on Baylor's board is quarterback Devin Fuller of Old Tappan, New Jersey. Frequent ODBers will remember him as my newest recruit obsession; Baylor jumped in with Fuller just a few short weeks ago once it became clear that RG3 was probably leaving us for the NFL. Fuller, who is often compared to former-WVU QB Pat White, is either a 4 or 5* player depending on which recruiting service you like, and one of the top uncommitted players in the country. The son of a former TCU DB, Fuller has already taken visits to Nebraska (in October), TCU (December), and UCLA (last weekend, where he probably met and became familiar with Baylor commit Brian Nance and probable Baylor commit Polo Manukainu, both from Euless Trinity). He will take a visit this weekend to Rutgers, which is basically his home school in New Jersey. That leaves one visit left, and before yesterday Notre Dame, Arizona, and Baylor vied for that spot. Speculation was that Notre Dame led at that point.

Then something incredible happened for Notre Dame when Gunner Kiel, the top QB prospect in the country, decided not to travel to Baton Rouge from Indiana to enroll early at LSU, where he had been committed. Instead he traveled about three hours from his home and enrolled at Notre Dame, giving Irish coach Brian Kelly probably his best surprise ever.

And now a few miscellaneous football stories I found interesting:

As the last link, I'm going to send you to the official statement of Vox Media, the parent corporation of SBNation, on the SOPA/PIPA legislation that was in the news today just in case you were curious how it might affect SBNation's blog network.

  • SB Nation Officially Opposes SOPA - From Our Editors -
    SB Nation is a collection of over 300 individual communities, each offering high quality year-round coverage and conversation led by fans who are passionate about their favorite teams, leagues or sports. By empowering fans, SB Nation has become the largest and fastest growing grassroots sports network.

As always, I will update with anything I see that I think you might find interesting.