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The Streak is OVER: Baylor 74, Kansas 92



0-10 at The Phog.

Baylor did not play well enough to win this game. This is in large part due to Kansas, who through Robinson and then others absolutely carved up Baylor's defense, prevented many fast breaks the other way and showed how far Baylor's half court offense is from being able to win them games.

Kansas is not as good a team as they showed tonight. They will not normally shoot that well and most of the bounces seemed to go their way. Still, it's hard to look at this performance and feel like Baylor can beat Kansas in Waco if they don't fix their defense and become more effective in their halfcourt offense.

Good game, Kansas. You were undoubtedly the better team tonight. We'll see if we can't return the favor at the Ferrell Center.

[Picture adapted from this website]