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1.15.2012 Mini-DBR: Baylor University Winning Streak Now 40-0

With the WBB thumping of Texas this afternoon, Baylor's big three sports moved to 40-0 since November 1. I don't know how or where that stands in history (probably because, and this is no slight to our girls, very few fanbases nationwide actually care about WBB), but it marks another point in Baylor's incredible run of success the last three months.

Congratulations to our men's and women's basketball teams and our football team for their outstanding play. There is no doubt that we are witnessing the greatest stretch of athletic performance in the history of Baylor University.

Since I didn't do a DBR today (sorry about that, by the way), here are a few afternoon links for your enjoyment and perusal:

Have a great afternoon/evening!