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1.13.2012 Daily Bears Report: A Little Recruiting on a Firmly Basketball Day

Sorry about this going up so late, I've been on daughter duty all morning (working from home) and the Magee thing jumped right into my lap, so I figured this could wait a while. We got a good response from that Magee thread. People are excited about recruiting again!

The Magee commitment is obviously the biggest news item of the day. It really seems like Baylor, with the recent commitments of Nance and Magee, finally has significant recruiting momentum on our side. With the visits this weekend (I can't share who they are without violating the rules of the subscriber sites, but people will be very excited about a particular WR that is coming in and is committed to another Big XII school) and the next and the possibility that several significant prospects (chief among them being Devin Fuller) will look at Baylor before NSD, we might have very good news coming down the pipe indeed. If I had to guess who our next commitment will be ... I'll go with Polo Manukainu, DE from Euless Trinity. He and Magee would make a formidable tandem, indeed.

A few more football links before we get to the meat of the news today, which is about our undefeated basketball teams...
And on to the basketball links...
That's all I've got for today. As always, if anything of note pops up and I don't post it, be sure to do so in the comments of one of the front page posts and I will make sure it gets the proper attention.