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The Official Baylor Basketball Drinking Game


On Tuesday night I wanted to watch the basketball game in a unique way. A more interactive and somewhat enjoyable way to watch the Bears play against the Wildcats. I came up with the official Baylor Basketball drinking game. It's not too crazy, but on any given night the team could easily get you drunk. Here are the rules...

First I suggest that you buy a 40 oz of your favorite beer. I suggest Miller High Life. It's cheap, doesn't taste too bad for the price you pay, and by the end of the night (depending on how much you drank) you would be glad you wouldn't drink that crap ever again until the next game.

Take one drink if...

  • ...Baylor turns the ball over. It happens often than not so that is a guaranteed 12-18 drinks a game.
  • ...Baylor gives up an offensive rebound. They give up at least 13 a game so that is 13 more drinks.
  • ...Baylor gets a dunk. Unless it is Quincy Acy. I will get to that later.
  • ...Baylor blocks a shot. We are averaging about 6 a game, but who is counting?
  • ...Brady Heslip hits a three-pointer.
  • ...Brittney Griner is mentioned during the telecast.
  • ...Announcers mention how Coach Drew turned the program around.

Take two drinks if...

  • ...AJ Walton turns the ball over. That's guaranteed to happen twice a game.
  • ...Quincy Acy dunks. By now you should almost be drunk.

Take three drinks if...

  • ...Brady Heslip makes his third(, sixth, ninth, etc.) three-pointer in a single game.
  • ...Robert Griffin III is mentioned during the telecast.

Here are a few more ideas if you really want to get intense...

  • After every Cory Jefferson block or dunk, someone yells "two sleeves!" Drinkers must throw both hands in the air, and last person with their hands up has to drink.
  • After Coach Drew takes off his jacket you must drink half of beverage that is in your container. (BONUS: If he takes off his tie, then everyone shotguns a beer at the next commercial break.)
Here are a few more suggestions by some of my readers...
  • Take a drink any time Dennehy or Koresh is mentioned during the telecast
  • Take a drink if Logan Lowery, Neubert, or Fred Ellis gets into the game
  • Take it to a whole new level with a computer. Drink every time @BaylorMBB (Chris Yandle) tweets something lame like #DowntownCanadian or shortens something for a hashtag like #callhimclutch.
The Captain is a contributor for Our Daily Bears and writer/editor of Keg In The Quad: A Baylor sports blog that Ken Starr doesn't approve of, but he is still going to show up to do a keg stand. If you like what you read, read more at