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Baylor Quarterback Robert Griffin III Officially Declares for the NFL Draft

We'll miss you, Robert.  Godspeed. (Photo by Kelly Kline/Heisman Trophy Trust via Getty Images)
We'll miss you, Robert. Godspeed. (Photo by Kelly Kline/Heisman Trophy Trust via Getty Images)
Heisman Trophy Trust via Getty I

Let the Nick Florence Era at Baylor University begin again!

Minutes ago, in a press conference that is still happening on, Baylor QB Robert Griffin III confirmed that he will forgo his senior season to enter the NFL Draft. Griffin spoke at length about his decisionmaking process and how difficult it was for him to decide to leave Baylor University but felt like this was the right move for him at this time. I've said many times that I absolutely agree.

We have to remember as Baylor fans that the reason RG3 has the opportunity to leave is that he has been so successful. Wishing that he wouldn't leave is wishing that Baylor hadn't won 10 games this season, that RG3 hadn't won the Heisman, and that Baylor's name wasn't being said every night on Sportscenter. RG3 delivered through incredible performances on the field and is being rewarded for it. We as Baylor fans have already been rewarded by watching and experiencing this run with him.

Baylor will never forget what Robert Griffin III accomplished here. We will always be in his debt for coming to Baylor, working so hard, and doing so much. I can only speak for myself when I say that this is not a sad moment for me but I don't think it is for Baylor, either; the greatest football player in our history is leaving to play on the biggest possible stage and represent our University on Sundays. We who know him best for who he is know that he will do it well.

We are entering a new era of Baylor football at a much higher note than just about any in our history. This should be a time of celebration, of happiness, and of remembrance of how far we have come. RG3 has been a tremendous part of that rise, to be sure, but our program is and always will be bigger than one player, even if he personifies the socks he wore to the Heisman ceremony.

Congratulations and good luck to you, Robert, and thank you for everything you've done. As Coach Briles just said, "Don't go chase after your dream, go catch it."