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Robert Griffin III Press Conference Watch Thread

I know most people who are interested in this are probably at work today, but I'll throw this up for anyone that can watch or listen online to the press conference. Baylor's online coverage is starting up at 2:45, so I've set this thread to post at the same time.

The poll I set up this morning has gone about as I expected it to. Even Baylor fans seem to realize that RG3 should probably strike while the iron is hottest and declare for the Draft. Nothing I have heard today makes me believe he will do anything but. Still, we can watch together.

A few links to places you can watch the announcement:

Official site.

Let me know if you find any others.

I'm not expecting that many people to post here (since it is during the day) during the press conference, but if you decide to join us, I will not allow any negative posts about RG3 or his family members. I've been disgusted by the vitriol directed at RG2 (RG3's father) recently on other Baylor boards and that is simply not going to happen here. Disappointment is obviously fine. You can question whether it is the right move. I'm not trying to tell you how to feel. What I'm saying is that attacks on RG3 or his family will not be tolerated. Period.