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Baylor Football Recruiting Update-- Old and Busted: Bo Wallace, New Hotness: Devin Fuller

I don't know about you guys, but I'll always look back favorably on the week that was with Bo Wallace. We laughed, we cried, we didn't end up getting what looks like a pretty good JUCO QB prospect ... but we're better for the experience, right? Let's move on.

For those that missed it, Eastern Mississippi Community College QB Bo Wallace dominated the ODB headlines in the past week (I'm fairly certain that means he dominated the entire sports world since not much has been going on in the last few days) by flirting with Texas from Tuesday to Friday before ultimately not visiting Austin (for whatever reason, I'm not blaming anybody!), visiting Baylor on Friday and Saturday, and then eliminating Baylor from consideration last night. The big news today was that he officially committed to Ole Miss (over the presumptive favorite Mississippi State) in order to be reunited with his former Arkansas State coach Hugh Freeze. I wish him only the best of luck going forward. Hopefully he gives our brethren to the south the business when they visit Oxford next season.

I say that he picked Ole Miss to be with his old coach but I don't really know. Maybe he didn't like Waco all that much. Maybe he thinks he'll look great in Yale blue and crimson. Maybe they showed him a really long slideshow of pictures from The Grove... Come to think of it, if they don't do that on recruiting trips, they absolutely should.

Anyway, Wallace is off the table and will enroll at Ole Miss within the next few days. As it turns out, however, Baylor did not have all of its eggs in the Wallace basket, having established contact in the last week with Devin Fuller, a Rivals Top100 athlete that plays quarterback for Old Tappan HS in Old Tappan, New Jersey. All of the major recruiting sites are reporting that Fuller received an offer to play quarterback for Baylor University and he is taking that offer seriously indeed.

Fuller has one visit remaining out of his allowed five officials, and it seems that Baylor is now thick in the competition for that visit with Notre Dame and Arizona. According to Rivals, Fuller is scheduled to visit UCLA this weekend and Rutgers next, leaving one weekend open (1/27) before National Signing Day. A TCU legacy, Fuller visited the Frogs on December 9 after having visited Nebraska in the first week of October. Since he is from New Jersey and it is the only school on his list in even the same area of the country, you would expect for Rutgers to be the favorite. Until we get more information about him, we just won't know.

In the meantime, here are links to his Rivals, 247Sports, and Scout profiles for your enjoyment. Don't ever say I didn't give you anything.

I've put a couple of videos below the jump of Fuller. One is an interview with him after he received a leadership award while the other is his 2010 highlight video. I can't find a 2011 full-length highlight video on Youtube, but I'll keep trying.

NUC - 5 Star Camp - Devin Fuller - Leadership Award (via NUCfootball)

Video 2:

Devin Fuller Full Season Highlights 2010 (via VarsityHighlights)

I'll go ahead and post the third video I could find, which is a teaser video of his 2011 highlights. Almost no value to it, to be honest.

Devin Fuller 2011 Senior Highlights Trailer - (via VarsityHighlights)

I'm not going to fall into the trap of saying that he looks like RG3 to me, since we will never see another RG3 again, so I'll make a comparison to former Lufkin great Reggie McNeal instead.