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01.10.12 DBR: Waiting for the Official Word + Basketball

Well, folks, it's starting to look inevitable...

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III on Tuesday is informing Baylor coach Art Briles that he has decided to turn pro, according to a family source, and an announcement is imminent.

We'll put up a new post if and when this becomes official, which could be as early as tonight.

Until then, let's move on to some other football inks...

  • UPDATE: This seemed relevant: SI's Andrew Perloff has a Mock Draft up and he says that there are going to be 3 teams (Cleveland, Miami, Washington) interested in trading up to #2 to take RG3, especially with the new draft slotting:

2. Cleveland Browns -- Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor (Trade with St. Louis)

The Rams don't need a quarterback, but with a manageable price tag for rookies because of the salary slotting system, they'll get calls from Cleveland, Miami and Washington about moving up to land Griffin. After last season's draft-day trade with the Falcons, the Browns have an extra first-rounder and can put together the best package. Griffin may have more tools than Luck, but Luck is more valuable because he ran a pro system at Stanford. Griffin completed 72.4 percent of his passes, a dazzling number even in the defensively challenged Big 12. Cleveland ranked No. 29 in offense with Colt McCoy running the show and would likely be ready to hand the keys of the offense over to Griffin immediately. Pat Shurmur is a West Coast guy, but would adjust his system to suit Griffin's talents if he had to.

And now, onto basketball, where #4 Baylor men's basketball travels to # Kansas State tonight. The game will be shown on Fox Sports Southwest and should tipoff at 7:00 PM CST. We should have a gameday thread up and running for it, so stop by if you'd like to chat. As for links...

Jones may have to grow up in a hurry Tuesday night. There are few interiors in the country as well-suited to match up with Baylor's length and athleticism as the Kansas State Wildcats, which most recently ended Missouri's perfect run with an emphatic effort at home. If Baylor wants to escape the Octagon of Doom with its own perfect record intact, it will have to survive a sluggish, slow, hard-fought defensive battle of a game