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12/9 Daily Bears Report- T-36 Hours and Counting

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In case you fell into some kind of a hole last night and didn't see the news (and didn't read one entry beneath this on the front page), Robert Griffin III claimed the first Davey O'Brien Award in Baylor history last night at the ESPN College Football Awards ceremony in Orlando. Baylor sent an entire contingent with him to Orlando for the ceremony, and they were not disappointed. That much alone would normally be worth shouting from the rooftops, but I think it was evident to anyone that watched that the O'Brien trophy by itself would be a disappointment. The great white whale of a Baylor Heisman is still out there, but unlike Ahab, all signs point to RGIII bringing this one home.

But on to the main event, the links of the day!

I have a feeling nobody really reads the links anyway, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time fleshing them out and making them look all pretty. As always, though, if you find something of particular value, fanshot it or post it in the comments below!

One thing I've been batting around lately that I'd like thoughts about is A&M's coaching search. Maybe I'm alone in this, but I don't see how A&M possibly comes out of their strategy with a coach their entire fanbase can support. Maybe that coach doesn't actually exist and that is already a foregone conclusion, but it seems like their approach (identifying Sumlin as the primary candidate early, fueling speculation that he will be hired, and then trying to link every big-name coach in the world to the job to drum up interest) is only going to result in disappointment. It's going to look like they settled no matter what they do. I'm going to write something about this and put it up later. We'll see how it goes.