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Robert Griffin III is College Football's Best Quarterback

The college football world realized tonight what Baylor fans and Big XII quarterbacks have known all year, Robert Griffin III is the best quarterback in all of college football. In what will be the first of two major college football award ceremonies this week, RGIII was honored tonight with the Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award, Baylor's first such award and the sixth in the last decade from the Big XII.

We don't and almost definitely won't have any information about how the voting for the award went beyond who won, but we do know that RGIII won the award over Stanford's Andrew Luck and Houston's Case Keenum. Luck went on to win the Maxwell Award later in the evening, an award for which RGIII was not even recognized as a finalist in what can only be described as human error at its finest.

Another notable award given out tonight was the Biletnikoff, which went to Oklahoma State's Justin Blackmon for the second straight year. The reason it is notable for our purposes is not who won, however, but who again wasn't even recognized as a finalist: the Big XII's leading receiver. Despite catching 12 fewer passes, Baylor's Kendall Wright managed to gain 236 yards more than Blackmon and over 400 more than Blackmon's fellow finalist Ryan Broyles of Oklahoma, but didn't even receive an invitation to the ceremony.

The news obviously isn't all disappointing for Baylor fans, though. As I detailed this morning, Robert Griffin III stands as the overwhelming favorite for the Heisman Trophy to be handed out Saturday night, so RGIII's one little bronze man will likely soon be joined by another of much greater stature. Still, I would have liked to see Wright recognized for the tremendous season he had beyond mere conference honors.