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Kansas Forgoes Reason, Hires Charlie Weis as Head Football Coach

I put this up originally as a fanshot, but I wanted to share a few thoughts. Kansas University has decided to hire Florida OC (and former Notre Dame HC) Charlie Weis to replace Turner Gill. Rumor is that Kansas is going to pay Charlie Weis real money to take this job. As in money that is actually not easy to come by. They're going to pay him legitimate legal tender that could be used to buy other things like a better coach. A better coach like Kirby Smart or Kevin Sumlin. They decided to pay an overrated, old, offensively-minded coach who doesn't like to recruit aggressively a lot of money to come to a place where there is almost no chance he can be successful.

And they did it to "put[] Kansas on the national map."

Kansas needs to realize that it's only real option is to moneywhip an up-and-coming coordinator with the knowledge that he will likely leave them at some point for a bigger job, but that will work his ass off while they have him to prove himself as a HC and a recruiter. Someone that, for the time he is there, will eat, drink, and sleep Kansas football 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Someone that will inspire confidence in kids in the midwest and show them something about Kansas football other than his Super Bowl rings.

This was a terrible decision for Kansas football. They're going to pay Charlie Weis a lot of money to fly his fat ass in and say the right things in front of a camera but do all the wrong things off the field in terms of rebuilding the brand. This was a "look at me!" move when Kansas should have knuckled down, accepted that the road ahead was going to be difficult, and rebuilt with someone that will actually give a damn about the success or failure of Kansas University football. Do you think Charlie Weis cares whether Kansas ever gets good again?

I don't have any vested interest in seeing Kansas become any good at football other than to see the Big XII improve as a whole. I didn't really enjoy watching Kansas get blown out repeatedly this year, though I did enjoy seeing them blow a big lead to Baylor in the fourth quarter. I'm not bothered by the fact that Kansas likely just made a disaster of a decision about their new head coach. They deserve whatever result they get for following such a flawed process.

It will always bother me, though, when good coaches are passed over for good opportunities for guys like Charlie Weis, who supposedly never cared about recruiting at Notre Dame and is a tremendous jackass. That does bother me. There were better options here, Kansas. An entire country full of them, actually. This makes no sense for you, and I'm positive you'll realize it three or four years down the road. God help your fans until that point.