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Baylor Nation Rises Up, Sells Alamo Bowl Allotment in 48 Hours

Following the announcement of Baylor's invite to the Alamo Bowl Sunday evening, an article appeared in the San Antonio Business Journal discussing Baylor's past troubles filling the venue. Before the Texas Bowl last year in Houston, Baylor's last bowl (way, way back in 1994) was actually the second-ever Alamo Bowl, and Baylor Nation (or whatever it was called back then) responded apathetically, leaving open more than 20,000 seats. That experience was enough to make the Alamo Bowl hesitant to extend another invitation this time around.

The presence of a Heisman Trophy candidate at the head of one of the most exciting offenses in the country, as well as the enthusiasm generated by those things within the Baylor fan community, earned Baylor clemency for what happened in 1994. Baylor, fresh off its most successful season in two and a half decades, accepted the siren call of the Alamo Bowl (now the Big XII's third-best bowl) this year to play the Washington Huskies from the Pac12. Baylor Nation had another chance to prove how much it loves its Bears.

And prove itself it has. Baylor and the Alamo Bowl announced today that the entire allotment of tickets given to Baylor (12,500 tickets all-told) has been exhausted after less than 48 hours. The tickets were sold entirely to Bear Foundation and season ticket holders; they were never offered for general sale by the University or to non-priority Baylor fans.

The official site notes that "fans who were hoping to purchase tickets and do not fall into one of the three categories above should call 800.745.3000 or order online through" Secondary retailers like and TicketMaster also have tickets, but I have been told that the prices are outrageous so far. Bear fans have three weeks from today (December 8) to find some way to get tickets, and though I won't likely be able to go (because my son, if he is released from the hospital by that point, will not be fit for travel), I hope that Baylor Nation continues to prove itself as passionate and dedicated to seeing Baylor succeed as any in the country. Sic 'em, Bears!