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12/6 Daily Bears Report: Watching Dat Heisman.

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Ok, I'm not going to use the clippings tool today because there are very few stories out there and I want to focus on the biggest news in Baylor football in 20 years: Robert Griffin III is going to New York City this weekend as a finalist for the Heisman Trophy.

No matter what happens Saturday night, when Robert Griffin III leaves Baylor University for the NFL he will do it as the greatest football player our school has ever seen. When he came here before Briles' first year, expectations for him were high. People saw his athletic ability and knew that he could be a special player. "Special," however, hardly comes close to describing RGIII as a player, a person, or a representative of our university. He and Coach Briles have taken a school that went nearly 20 years without a bowl berth and gotten two in a row; a school that hadn't won 9 games since before his entire team was born (last happened in 1986) and did it in a year where they beat OU for the first time ever, UT for the second year in a row, and Tech for the first time since the Big XII began. Offensive records have fallen like dominoes. Stigmas have been purged from the face of the Earth. "You're Baylor," that caustic knife to the heart of every green and gold-clad fan everywhere, means something completely different today than it has in a long, long time. "You're Baylor" means we probably just kicked your ass.

I don't know for sure what Robert or Briles are going to do this season; both have attractive options and huge challenges awaiting them if they decide to leave each other and Baylor University. I do know that I am thankful for their time here, no matter what happens, and that the journey has been incredible. That is not conceding defeat with respect to either at all, particularly Briles. I've written before that I think he'll stay and get a healthy raise and a sparkling new stadium. He might not, though. We'll see.

But on to the links:

I think that's it for me for now. I have to stop staring at my news feed program for Baylor because the idiotic tweets about why RGIII shouldn't win the Heisman ("BAYLOR DIDN'T EVEN GET TO A BCS BOWL! BAYLOR IS THE SUXXORS!" "MONTE BALL SCORED LIKE 700 TDS IN THE B1G!" "ANDREW LUCK IS GOING TO BE THE GREATEST QB IN THE HISTORY OF EARF.") are going to drive me to murder.