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12/5 Daily Bears Report- RGIII For Heisman Gaining Steam

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I have a number of links to offer today, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows that you are completely welcome to do what knockoutking did and post fanshots of things you find interesting, particularly if they relate to RGIII winning the Heisman. If you find a link that you think people want to know, fanshot it or post it in the comments of this thread and we will promote it to the main page.

Also, I'm going to post a list of all of the voters I have found who have pledged their votes to RGIII so we can compile a spreadsheet. is doing the same thing, but I want it to be on a Baylor site for our fans to see.

On to the links, and we'll start with Big XII bowl previews...

Heisman Stuff:
Other news:
Seriously, I need your help to amass more stories about RGIII. The one from Grantland is awesome, so keep them coming!