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Why Kendall Wright is the best WR in the country.

As much as we are talking about RGIII for the Heisman, let's take the time to recognize what Kendall Wright has accomplished this year. He may not be the biggest guy on the field, but no one has been able to out run, hustle, juke, jump, or jive Kendall Wright. Wright has caught 101 balls for 1,572 yds, a 15.6 yd avg. He has 13 TD receptions and showed off his QB skills by throwing for 2 TDs. He owns practically every receiving record at Baylor. How was this young man not selected to be a finalist for the Biletnikoff award?

He leads the country in receiving yards and has 236 more yds than the reigning and leading Biletnikoff finalist, Justin Blackmon, and he did it with 12 less receptions. He makes big play after big play. He runs every route hard as evidenced by his 87 yd, deflected TD pass against OU and shattering the UT Defense's ego on the second play of the game on Saturday.

How did Wright perform on the big stage? Glad you asked, he had 6 catches for 166 yds and 1 TD against UT, 12 catches for 189 yds and 2 TDs against TCU, 8 catches for 208 yds and 2 TDs against OU, and even caught a partridge in a pear tree on the first day of Christmas. Blackmon had some big games too, but anybody else remember his deflecting what should ahve been an easy catch to an ISU defender in the second OT in Ames? Or how about his fumbling the ball as he arrogantly crossed the goal line in CS, only to be bailed out by the OSU defense. Catch that ball Blackmon and maybe you would playing for a national title and our Bears picking Cotton. No offense to Biletnikoff finalist Robert Woods of USC, a great young WR, but you have no business being a finalist for this award as a sophomore (read West Coast media bias). After all, Wright has caught a pass in every game that he has played. Woods is only a sophomore and while he has caught 10 more balls than Wright this season, he has 280 LESS yds and a full 4 yds LESS per catch.

For his career, Wright has amassed 3913 yds and 29 TDs on 295 catches for a 13.2 yd. avg. Kendall Wright is a freak athlete and an incredibly hard worker. It is absolutely absurd that he is not going to be recognized as the nation's best WR and perhaps even in his own conference, when his stats more than warrant the recognition. But, Wright, like Griffin, plays for Baylor and according to Kirk Herbstreit and Craig James are apparently not worthy of the accolades they so rightly have earned. I normally like you Kirk, but you couldn't hold Griffin's cleats and are relegated to endorsing deodorant. Craig James, do us all a favor and disappear. Your greed and unethical behavior helped bring down the SWC and you still won't admit the Pony Express were a stable of cheaters. But, I digress, Wright is the best WR in the country this season and I cannot wait to see him playing on Sundays. Thank you, Kendall. My only regret is that I didn't get to see you throw one down on the basketball court. Sic 'em!!!