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Baylor vs. Washington in the Valero Alamo Bowl


It's being widely reported now on twitter and the paid sites that Baylor has accepted an invitation to the Alamo Bowl as the Big XII's representative. It's not official (it won't be until tonight), but this is the bowl I've heard linked to the winner of the Baylor-UT game since last week. The only question was whether Baylor could steal the Cotton Bowl with KSU jumping into the BCS after yesterday's action, however it looks like the Cotton Bowl has taken OU instead, which makes sense for them. I have a hard time being upset about that.

I'll update this thread as more information becomes available, but I'm comfortable saying that this is where we'll be. Congratulations to Art Briles and the 2011 Baylor Bears for their fantastic season and for getting a bowl game in San Antonio, Texas! I can't imagine a much better situation for us to be in realistically.