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12/4 Daily Bears Report- The Morning After

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Yesterday's game was obviously a big win for Baylor University, but the best day in recent Baylor football history could be today when the bowls are announced. I'm going to provide links below to all of the bowl projections I can find to try and amass information; from what I can tell, though, K-State is primed to jump into a BCS at-large bid, giving the Big XII two BCS teams (OSU and K-State) and basically assuring Baylor a spot in the Alamo Bowl. Oh but if only the Cotton would look past the allure of our neighbors to the north and realize they could have a Heisman candidate in a Big XII-SEC matchup on their field...

Robert Griffin III obviously gets a ridiculous amount of love around here (as he should, he's incredible), but I wanted to highlight once again the most underrated player, I think, in Baylor football history: Terrance Ganaway. Ganaway's day yesterday, 23 rushes for 152 yards and 2 TDs, against the best defense in the Big XII capped off a year that saw him set a new single-season Baylor rushing record and run for over 1300 yards and 16 TDs. By any account, Terrance Ganaway had the single best year for a running back in Baylor history. Terrance Ganaway.

My appreciation of Ganaway has always been colored (wrongly, I see now) by what I was told about Ganaway when he first got to Baylor: he was overweight, out of shape, lacked desire, and would be at his best a poor man's Jorvorskie Lane. Even going into this season, the people I talked to expected that Jared Salubi would become the featured back due to his quickness and Ganaway would be relegated to a specialist role in short-yardage. All he did after that was set records. An absolutely incredible year from a player we're going to miss, to be sure. A year that should be remembered and highlighted when people say "yeah, but all you had was RGIII."

First to the bowl projections:

BCS Projections:

Now on to the links: