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Robert Griffin III Sets New Single-Season NCAA Record for Passing Efficiency

With his 15-22 for 320 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT today (which equates to a 211.3 passing efficiency rating in the NCAA), Robert Griffin III raised his season-long passing efficiency rating to 192.31, a new NCAA record. Russell Wilson started the day in the lead (and with a new record), but his mediocre day passing (in terms of yards) cost him and he finished behind RGIII when it was all said and done.

I don't think anyone here doubts how I feel about RGIII and his chances for the Heisman. The Trophy itself states that it should be awarded to the "most outstanding player in college football." I have a hard time believing any argument by which RGIII does not meet that criteria. Choose whatever argument you want for how to decide a winner and the answer remains the same. Without RGIII, this Baylor team might win 4 games. Might. With him, Baylor turned in its first 9-win season since 1986 and stands with only Washington and the Alamo Bowl (probably, we'll know for sure tomorrow) between it and the second 10-win season in its history. His statistics are undeniably good, 4500+ total yards on the season, 45 touchdowns in (possibly) the best top-to-bottom conference in the country, and the national leader in "points responsible for" at 22.67.

I don't care where Andrew Luck was going to be drafted last year or where he will be drafted this year. I don't care that he came back and rallied Stanford behind him after they lost their coach to the NFL. I don't care if you think RGIII's receivers are so good that they give him more help than a Stanford team fresh off an Orange Bowl victory and with (at least) 2 NFL-caliber offensive linemen. I don't care if you think it is the system and not the QB. Robert Griffin III is the straw that stirs Baylor's drink and what he has done is unparalleled in our school's history. He has done absolutely everything asked of him and has changed the face of a program, hopefully forever.

He is the most outstanding player in college football this season, Trophy or not. But if the Heisman voters care about being right and picking the right player for such a prestigious award, it should be RGIII.