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12/31 Daily Bears Report: New Years Eve Edition

Pretty slow day out there today in Baylor news. For those that don't know, A&M is playing in the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas right now and playing well against Northwestern. They are up 20 in the third quarter with the ball around midfield. Surely they can't blow THAT lead, right? Surely.

The biggest news of the next few weeks with regard to football is going to be RG3's declaration for/against the Draft. Without having any inside information about where he is leaning as of this moment, I will say that I think he should go. I love what he's done for Baylor and I wish we could have him for another year, but it makes sense for him to survey the situation, realize that he's met just about every realistic goal he could have possibly had for his time here, and take the money and security the NFL offers. I don't think anyone, even the most ardent Baylor supporters, would question that decision. It makes sense.

That being said, if he decides to come back, I will celebrate like there is no tomorrow. I'm not expecting it, though.

Part of the NFL Draft speculation that will be reported in the coming weeks (Robert has until January 15, 2012 to decide) will be where he goes in the order and to whom. I've made no secret of my horror should he be chosen by the Redskins, and if I had to choose (of the likeliest suitors, meaning the Cowboys aren't on the list) where he would go, I'd rank them thusly:

1. Chiefs

2. Dolphins

3. Browns

4. Vikings (not even sure how likely this is at all).

5. Everyone else in existence except for...

6. The Redskins.

Because screw the Redskins.

But on that note, here are the links!

Totally unbeknownst to me before it happened, the Baylor WBB team played its thirteenth game of the season last night and ran Baylor's winning streak in MBB, WBB, and football to 32-0 since November 1. Not bad for a school almost relegated, right?
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